Talking to Your Baby

Sometimes people feel silly talking to their babies. After all, they don't talk back! But did you know that it is really important for their development? Babies whose parents talk to them bond more easily, learn to manage emotions faster, and read and write sooner than others. So embrace the silly feelings! Talk it up! Before you know it, your baby will be talking back. Here are some easy tips to help you feel more comfortable:

  • Read to her - you can read out loud while you study, read a magazine, or read her a book - she will love the pictures as well.

  • Tell him what you are doing around the house, which ingredients you are putting into your dinner, or the steps in changing a lightbulb

  • Include her in conversations with other people - making eye contact with her will make her feel excited to be included. Furthermore, TV and radio becomes background noise to babies and they can't focus on words, so live, human interaction is very important!

For more information about talking to your baby, check out these links:


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