Featured Doula: Nicole Fobare


Featured Doula

Nicole Fobare


Q: What is your astrological sign?

A: Gemini

Q: What item could you not live without if stranded on a desert island, and why?

A: I couldn't live without my kindle because then I could read, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Q: Who would in a fight, bigfoot or a great white shark?

A: A great white shark would win. The fight would be in the water and that is out of Bigfoot's usual environment.

Q: What was the last movie you saw?

A: Fault in our Stars

Q: If you could go back in time, what year would you visit, and why?

A: 2004. It was my sophomore year of high school, and also my most favorite year. My grandpa was still with us and it was the last year my mom was healthy.

Q: What inspired you to become a doula?

A: After being in the room when my goddaughter was born, I realized the importance of being educated and aware of what was happening. When I looked into how I could help expecting mothers and families gain this knowledge, I learned about the world of Doulas. I loved the possibility of educating and supporting women and families through their whole pregnancy journey.

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