Birth Matters: This Week

This week in Birth matters we have a hadful of diverse topics to share, including a very exciting development in the realm of women's reproductive health. On Wednesday, the first uterus transplant in the US took place at the Clevelnad Clinic!

Last week this image was circulating the interwebs like crazy and for obvious reasons, it is beautiful and utterly peaceful. It captures the amazing transition from womb to water during a water or tub birth. If you want to hear the equally beautiful birth story behind the image here it is!

There are many ways to be more Green or sustainable in our everyday lives, small changes that make a huge difference like taking cloth bags to a grocery store. But could our sexual lives be more Green? A Father-Daughter duo has teamed up and created a line of sustainable sexual health products! We love the inovation and simultaneously question whether we could work with our fathers in a similar context.

Consuming placents after birth takes on many different forms, from smothies to capsules, is not everyone's cup of tea. People tend to have a gut response to this topic, either "NEVER!" or "ABSOLUTELY!". This piece is the ladder, a hardcore account of blending placenta into a post-partum smoothy. However, it also questions whether babies might have a relationship with their placenta. Perhaps our placentas were our very first friends or security blankets?

If you are interested in placenta ingestion and encapsulation or need more information on it, here are some local resources to explore:

*All of these links are meant to inform, create dialogue and provide a variety of perspectives. Birth occurs in many places, through many different paths and what is most important is that informed decisions are exercised, a birthing woman is supported and the experience is empowering.

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