Birth Matters: Period Talk

There has been a lot of "period talk" this week aimed at breaking the taboo surrounding menstration. So I thought we would share in the conversation and discuss some great period related links, and a lot of videos!

"Not all restrooms are created equal" claims Nancy Kramer creater of the Free The Tampons campaign. Watch this amazing ted talk about a national campaign spreading the idea that just like toilet paper, bathrooms everywhere should be stocked with tampons.

Along with Nancy Kramer, there are many individuals and organizations working to establish feminine care products as a matter of basic health, even a matter of public health. This article highlights many amazing women working to push menstration and issues around feminine care products into the public eye, conversation and policies. Furthermore, this article highlights how unfair it is that tampons and other feminine care products are taxed. "The Tampon Tax" not only adds on to the already substantial cost of tampons, but it ultimately claims feminine care products to be luxery items!

Did you know that on average one women might use around 12,000 tampons in her life time? If you are looking for a more sustainable option, consider a menstral cup. Like with many other feminine care products there are a lot of options: Keeper Cups, Moon Cups, Lunette Cups and the Diva Cup. More recently a kickstarter project that raised $325,000 (40 times their goal), introduced a new collapsable menstral cup called the Lily Cup Compact. Not only are they better for the environment, but in the long run they are less expensive!

This week a friend of mine showed me a sleek App that tracks your Period and Ovulation called Clue. Created with intention of providing individuals with information about the patterns in their cycles, the company prides themselves on the fact that they have created an app for women that is not pink. We appreciate that too!

Clue also created a great video called "Talking About Periods - An International Investigation" that reiderates how all over the world, people need to start talking about periods!

Lastly, a new company called THINX has developed a line of "period-proof" panties which are taking the internet by storm. Though they do not necessarily replace the use of tampons, pads or menstrual cups, each pair can "hold up to two tampons worth" and claims to be leak proof. Not only are periods generally a taboo topic in our culture, but across many different cultures menstration is a shamed experience. One of THINX's missions highlights how in many developing nations girls miss school during their periods. Through a partnership with AFRIpads each pair of panties purchased provides girls in developing countries with a pack of reusable pads. Watch this great mini-documentary produced by THINX and whether your skeptical or already browsing their products, lets keep the conversation of normalizing periods going!

*All of these links are meant to inform, create dialogue and provide a variety of perspectives.

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