Birth Matters: Birth Films

Welcome back to our blog! Several weeks ago I wrote about several different resources that all share birth stories, written by mothers discussing their experiences with pregnancy, labor and birth. This week, I wanted to share some birth stories that you can watch!

The experiences of women who have given birth before you are extremely valuable, for they are a personal, honest way to gain insight into childbirth and the different ways women choose to give birth. Thus, reading, listening and/or watching birth stories may help clarify your own desires, whether you are pregnant today or another day.

The videos I have linked below show a wide variety of births, from water births at home to emergency Cesarean Sections. Each story leaving you with a greater understanding of the power within every mother and likely with eyes filled with tears!

Natalie's Birth Story: 2 Mama's and Their Little Lady

The Birth Of Mabel Lily

Abram - Birth Story

Violet Lu's Homebirth

Jasper - A Birth Filmed By Kalimana

*All of these links are meant to inform, create dialogue and provide a variety of perspectives. Birth occurs in many places, through many different paths and what is most important is that informed decisions are exercised, a birthing woman is supported and the experience is empowering.

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