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In a recent video produced by Clue (an amazing fertility tracking app) an interviewer asked people in Berlin, London and New York City, "What is ovulation?" Interestingly, while the majority of people interviewed knew it had something to do with periods and women's health, few had a more in depth understanding of the events occurring during ovulation.

Since ovulation is one of the most critical physiological phenomenon in procreation, or in other words critical to the origin of every human life, it is worth knowing about. Additionally, a better understanding of ovulation is important to successful conception and simultaneously pregnancy prevention. The video ends with the inspiring statement "Reproductive health shouldn't be a mystery". So, lets unravel the mystery of the female menstrual cycle and become more in tune with our beautiful bodies.

Here are some quick and easy facts about ovulation:

- Ovulation is the release of a mature egg from an ovary. (American Pregnancy)

- Ovulation usually occurs half way through your menstrual cycle. Since the average cycle lasts 28 days, you will often hear that Day 14 is when ovulation occurs. However, there is variation between women and cycles in an individual, so Day 14 is not universal for all women. (What To Expect)

- During ovualtion, when the mature egg has left the ovary and is traveling down the fallopian tube to the uterus, the egg is available to be fertilized for 12-24 hours. However, sperm can remain alive for 3-5 days! This means a fertile window could be as long as 5-7 days. (Your Fertility)

- Leutenizing hormone (LH) is the hormone that causes the mature egg to be released from the ovary. (webmd)

- The release of hormones during ovulation can cause breast tenderness, abdominal bloating, increased sex drive, and egg-white, stretchy cervical mucous. (American Pregnancy)

If you need a visual, check out this incredible animation:

Thanks for stopping by our blog! We hope you learned a little something and have a great rest of your weekend. All the best!

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