Birth Matters: Birth Photography

As of late, birth photography has been a small yet growing profession, gaining more and more popularity. Whether or not you decide to photograph your birth is a personal decision, however, the importance of birth photography cannot be overlooked. Traditionally and historically, birth has been considered a private affair. Often considered messy and painful, birth generally took place with only the mother and birth attendants present, either physicians or midwives. When fathers were finally allowed entry into the delivery room, birth became more of a celebratory affair and photography and videography entered the birthing space as well.

Capturing the moment of birth and the laboring periods preceding it has gained popularity as we begin to realize the importance of celebrating this triumphant moment. Photography captures the painful, the messy, and the beautiful moments that encapsulate a birth and sharing these mementos with others helps to create a cultural norm around birthing that says that birth is not something to fear but rather something to commemorate.

However you feel about birth photography, I think we can all agree that these birth photos are powerful, moving, and beautiful.

If you are interested in having a birth photographer at your upcoming birth, ask your doula! Some doulas are trained in birth photography and many others are willing to provide this service if you ask!

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