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Request a Doula

If you are pregnant, low income, and searching for support services that meet your financial needs, request doula support by clicking on the "Request a Doula" button below and filling out our doula request form.

Please give us a week to respond to your inquiry. We look forward to contacting you!

Southeast Michigan Doula Project does not require payment of any form. However, doula services can cost anywhere between $800 and $1,500. We encourage anyone who is able to donate to please do so. 100% of all donations we receive goes right back into the agency in our continued efforts to provide volunteer doula services to any woman who needs them. Please go to the "Donate" tab if you wish to do so now.

Please use the below chart to determine if you meet our income eligibility guidelines. Typically, you must fall at or below this income level to qualify for our services. If you have extenuating financial circumstances and feel you cannot afford a doula, yet fall above this threshold, please email us so we can discuss your individual case.










PLEASE NOTE: If you submit your request within six weeks of your delivery date, we will do our best to match you, but cannot guarantee the availability of our volunteer doulas. 

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